Friday, 25 May 2012

Word Soup - Womanhood, aka The Red Tent Edition...

Well, how chuffed am I?

Got a spot on the line-up at the next
Word Soup
Live Lit Night at The Continental in Preston on Thursday 31st May @8pm - alongside the fabulous talents of ...

Ann Wilson (aka Ann The Poet),
Carys Bray (aka Scott Prize Winner 2012!!),
Kim Moore (aka Eric Gregory Award & Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 2011, The Poetry Business Pamphlet Competition 2012),
Sarah Miller (aka poet and playwright, co-editor of Best of Manchester Poets 2 and making new plays with Barrow Youth Theatre, and whose online presence is impossible to find),
Danielle Rose (aka a shopaholic blogger from Blackpool), and
Vicky Ellis (aka prize-winning performance poet, storyteller, singer-songwriter, editor and all round supercreative bod  - who co-organised the whole caboodle with the fabulous Slam-winning poet Rachel McGladdery - who unfortunately will be lying about at home drinking wine and talking to people on Facebook instead of Being There herself, but I'm sure she'll more than make up for it Next Time!)

As the theme of the evening is Womanhood, aka The Red Tent Edition, it could be no coincidence that we're all women.

I'll be reading a story with a woman in it. Luckily.

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