Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Woo hoo! Two more 5* Reviews for Witherstone Trilogy :o)

Just coming up for air after spending a few weeks researching beneath the surface of the earth (plot-spoiler alert so I shall say no more ) and am emerging as a very Happy Bunny having found two brand new shiny 5* reviews
for Witherstone and The Hunt Begins

TerriAnn says Witherstone 'is a brilliant read' and in The Hunt Begins 'the pace and excitement grew' to such an extent that 'I won't be walking through the Wild Woods at night...' !

Wistman's Wood courtesy
Read the Reviews in full here!
postscript: Just shows you that hiding from Facebook isn't always a good plan - I just found another fab review on there from Teresa -
The "Witherstone" trilogy, by Jane Brunning (a friend of my brother's) - a brilliant read, set in 17th century one Amazon reviewer puts it, you become "...immersed in superstition, magic and dark political forces...a story about real life struggle. The plot is gripping and the narrative carries the story with pace..." The characters, especially the heroine, Eppie, are very real and engaging, and you really feel for her as she battles to try and save her brave, and yet so vulnerable...
I could go on...but read it yourself and see...available from Amazon, Waterstones (Preston)

Thank you Teresa :o)

Now, back down the tunnel...