Monday, 15 July 2013

Book Launch reading

Really chuffed to have been invited to read at Terry Quinn's latest book launch this week! I took Terry's first collection Away - literally! - when I sailed across to Denmark and Norway, and it was the perfect poetic companion for that journey so I'm really looking forward to his latest collection.

Terry has been on the road launching his new collection The Amen of Knowledge, and his Preston launch is going to be a fantastic feast of live literature with the talents of Rebecca Charnley, Martin Domleo, Sue Hicks, Ron Scowcroft, Lorna Smithers, and Dean Taylor, and of course, Terry Quinn will be reading selected poems from his latest book! Oh, and I'll be performing my ha'penny's worth too as Terry has asked me to read! Really looking forward to a great night amongst so many fab writers :o) - come sup with me at this feast of delights!