Saturday, 18 February 2012

Witherstone Giveaway!

Witherstone reviews have been a great boost, from 'a really outstanding read' and 'genuinely ‘unputdownable’', to a 'gripping' and 'enormously tense' novel which 'was still circling through my mind long after I’d finished'.

So in a sudden rush of blood to the head, I'm offering the next THREE purchasers of the Kindle edition of Witherstone a FREE copy of the paperback - signed by The Author!

So if you've been thinking about buying Witherstone and can't decide between the Kindle edition and the paperback, this might help you make up your mind!

The Kindle edition costs £3.93 and the paperback retails on Amazon at £8.11 so if you're in the fastest three, you'll get both versions for less than £4.00!

Interested? All you have to do is buy the Kindle edition then email your Amazon purchase confirmation email to jabrunning at witherstone dot com [with the @ and the . in the right places, all lower case, no spaces], and the first three confirmations to land in my inbox get a free Witherstone paperback posted out to them - signed by my good self.

Competition CLOSES at midnight on Monday 20th February 2012.

So, on your marks... get set... go!


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