Friday, 9 December 2011

Woo, what a fab review! Can't stop smiling!!!

Received another fabulous bit of feedback for Witherstone yesterday which just about blew my socks off, and I can't stop smiling...

'I came across Witherstone through the review in Big Issue North and bought it on Kindle. I have had a long career involved with children’s literature (headteacher of three primary schools, English Adviser for East Riding of Yorkshire and, most recently, early reading consultant to DfE), so I hope I know what I am talking about when I say Witherstone is a really outstanding read – good old-fashioned storytelling, in the very best sense; engaging and gripping as only the most skilfull writing can be. A massive well done – and thank you. Like, I suspect many who have already read, and many more who will read the book, I was devastated to discover at the end that it was only Part I. Whilst it is a great joy to think there is more to come, the frustration is also considerable. Please press on apace.'

Gordon Askew.

Thank you Gordon Askew, and thanks again to Antonia Charlesworth and The Big Issue in the North for reviewing Witherstone! x

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