Monday, 31 October 2011


'Pilgrimage to Molenbeek' by Brueghel has haunted me for years, not least because the "explanation" for the painting - "a pilgrimage of epileptics" or "dancing mania" - doesn't quite tally with the nagging question of why the women appear to be being marched against their will by a sinister group of men.
It seems to me to represent the reality of accusations of witchcraft throughout the centuries.  

A reality explored in Witherstone.

One reviewer of Witherstone said:
"... I found myself transported back to a seventeenth century England immersed in superstition, magic and dark political forces. I don't usually read books which include superstition and witchcraft but this is a story about real life struggle. The plot is gripping and the narrative carries the story with pace, creating a feeling of deep unease as Eppie uncovers the truth..."

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