Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fun #1.

- Formatting pages for paperbacks is not the same as the formatting required for Kindle;
- formatting pages for paperback requires choices in final book size (trim size) AND in font size, spacing etc FIRST;
- formatting for Kindle involves REMOVING all inset spaces for new paragraphs and every single new piece of dialogue throughout the entire book, AND inserting page breaks after every chapter;
- formatting for print involves very precise considerations of font size and line-spacing, as well as the gutter spacing and margins top, bottom and outer edge ... not to mention how it actually looks on the page; 
- formatting for Kindle involves completely different considerations of font sizing and line-spacing, nowt at all to do with gutters etc, and everything to do with how it looks on the page;
- formatting for paperback involves either paying someone good money to design your front and back covers OR you having "fun" doing that more times than I have fingers to count in order to ensure it looks right in print AND meets their sizing criteria including ensuring all words are well within 0.5" of the edges;
- and formatting the front cover for Kindle involves completely different things, most of which appear to be invisible, and all of which involve having "fun" doing it more times than I have fingers and toes to count...

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