Monday, 7 March 2011

success floating in the ether

Fab to see Jenn Ashworth taking her well-deserved seat amongst the top 12 new novelists of 2010 - really looking forward to her new novel Cold Light as A Kind of Intimacy is a really great read, the kind that creeps into your mind and stays there long after you've finished the book.

Christine's daughter Rachel Cotterill has published her debut novel Rebellion.

While I... well, I'm nearly half-way through building a new beehive.

I'm also nearly half-way through the first draft of the second book in the Witherstone series, The Hunt Begins, and it's coming along really well, and I was hoping to have something even more interesting to report by now, but Time is a slow beast when you're waiting for Someone interested in Something to get back to you...

Still. Enjoying watching the crows in the woods every morning as they collect twigs for their fabulous nests. Spring is coming, Master Nalgah tells me so.

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