Thursday, 3 February 2011


Well, Book 2 is well under way now, and have reached a decision regarding the length of the series... that I'll be reducing it from 5 books to 3.

Bit of a drop, you might say, but I think the overall plot will work better - and most importantly, may read better, split over 3 books overall. The only thing is that books 2 and 3 will consequently be a leetle more voluminous than book 1. (Those who know me well will know what a "leetle more" is likely to involve...!)

I've got to the stage in Book 2 where the decision needs to be made before I can seriously progress any further, and following a brief but rather interesting conversation with someone in the publishing world a couple of weeks ago, my decision has been made.

Of course, there's always a proviso, and if a certain prospective publisher reading this would prefer 5 books to 3 after all, then please note my decision is not legal and binding.

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  1. Rachel originally planned on five volumes, but has also reduced it to three. The first is published and available from Amazon as a paperback, or in electronic format. You can read a few chapters "for free", it's called "Rebellion", by Rachel Cotterill. Your daughter might like it!

  2. thanks for this Christine, it's good to know I'm in such good company - I'll check out Rachel's book, thanks for the pointer!