Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Save Our Libraries

The Public Library Service Inquiry Campaign is a new group 'calling for an inquiry into the future of public library services in the United Kingdom. Within two months almost half the UK's libraries could be axed.
Aim 1: 100,000 members by 24 Jan 2011 to make government hear our call - that the cost of short term cuts now on our future competitiveness, knowledge and culture will be massive and our ability to meet the challenges of tomorrow irretrievably damaged. Please help - the future is now in our hands. Are you ready to hold on to it? And not let it go?

And it isn't "just" books - I know, I know, "just" and "books" are a contradiction in terms - but it isn't "just" books we'll lose. Many people rely on their local libraries for internet access too.

Sign up and join the Public Library Service Inquiry Campaign on Facebook and tell all your book-lovin' library-lovin' literary-lovin' friends.

and after you've added yourself, JOIN their dedicated Facebook page too at

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  1. If we want to keep the poor ingnorant and under the thumb of the rich, then by all means close the libraries. And then we can burn the books, just like so many who have gone before us have. It seems odd that in the year of the 400th anniversary of the Authorised Version of the Bible which allowed the Holy Book into the hands of everyone, we are going to prevent some from experiencing the kind of life one can only get from books. Have we learned nothing?