Witherstone trilogy

“Witherstone is a really outstanding read – good old-fashioned storytelling, in the very best sense; engaging and gripping as only the most skilfull writing can be.”
 Gordon Askew, Education Consultant.

“It’s genuinely ‘unputdownable’, and was still circling through my mind long after I’d finished.” 
Scraggle Hag, Amazon reviewer.

“The plot is gripping and the narrative carries the story with pace, creating a feeling of deep unease as Eppie uncovers the truth…..I can’t wait for the next instalment.” 
Chris Caretaker, Amazon reviewer.

'a well-crafted plot, an exciting story and a vulnerable yet brave heroine we can readily identify with make this an unputdownable adventure.'  T.Stoker.

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Witherstone: a tale of sinister enemies, witchcraft, social politics, and murder... 

Witherstone tells the story of Hephzibah Creswell, an ordinary girl from a farm-labouring family in 17th Century England, who discovers that she and her family have a mysterious and deadly enemy ...

For adult and young adult readers, Witherstone is available in paperback and for Kindle and iPad from www.amazon.co.uk and www.amazon.com  - and is available in Waterstones, Preston and Broadhurst Books, Southport!  

The second book in the trilogy, The Hunt Begins, is also available on Amazon and at Waterstones & Broadhursts.

The final book in the trilogy, The Book of Shadows, is due out Summer 2013.

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