Friday, 2 September 2011

A Writer's Challenge

I've been set two challenges (well, one is more of a dare) to achieve by November - but I can only choose one of them...

Rob set me the challenge of writing the first three chapters of my next novel Ivan Wolf by the end of November.

My daughter set me the challenge of publishing Witherstone by November. Self-publishing, obviously. She thinks it would be great fun.


  1. I think you could manage both.

    T xxx

  2. Hmmm... well I guess I could do without sleep Theresa! Thanks for the vote of confidence!!! xxx

  3. Of course you can do both - Witherstone is written already, and you have the ideas for Ivan, so I dare you to do both. You could always join in with nanowrimo and write the whole of Ivan in November - now that is a challenge, and such fun:)
    It was lovely to bump into you the other day x

  4. Now that WOULD be a challenge Christine!

    It was lovely to see you - and hear you too! The sound of your voices coming down from the balcony was sublime!