Friday, 30 April 2010


Well, I "finished" the first full and complete good draft in time for my daughter's birthday - but I haven't let her read it yet because I'm still editing.

So she's diligently reading her other birthday presents without complaint, which I think is down to her innate kindness and understanding, rather than a happy-to-put-that-off strategy...

Work is busy, which means I'm getting little time for the editing, and I keep waking up in the early hours mumbling "the painting!" or "the window!" or "the oven!" as some hidden extra-bit-I-need-to-do-to-The-Book emerges from my subconscious. Weird this writing lark, isn't it.

So today is a Writing Day, but first I have to go and help some bees settle in at the bottom of my garden with a nice feeder sloshing with sugar-syrup, and then meet the designer Helen Ashworth for lunch - Helen designs and makes the most fabulous bags and cushions and notebooks using old letters and postcards as templates and uses old fabrics - which makes it sound as though I move in very elegant circles but really Helen and I both worked together in a library once...

... and then I'll get on with the editing.

Helen Ashworth "Vacances" purse, picture courtesy


  1. prioritise, prioritise! Birthday girls come first, not pleasure!!!!! (I only say this as it was my birthday a couple of days before your daughter's:-)) I'm sure you'll do her proud as soon as you are able, in fact, it's probably finished as I write this:)

  2. nope - not a chance christine! I have at least finished trawling through it with a bright red biro scribbling new bits in the margins and overwriting bits, so the next stage is sitting down at the pc and retyping (rather than tweaking around blogging and facebooking and whatnot...)
    watch this space... but don't hold your breath... jx oh, and happy birthday!!!