Monday, 16 July 2012

having a ball...

Inbetween dashing here, there and everywhere else this week, I've just finished my first stint of one-to-one mentoring of a young writer, Emily Oldfield, with whom I've been in conversation for a few months now.

In overseeing her first day as the Guest Guest Editor of the Lancashire Writing Hub (- with huge thanks to John D Rutter for allowing Emily to assume his Guest Editor role for the week! -) I have to say I'm well impressed with Emily's decision-making and with her work schedule for the week.

She has commissioned articles by other young writers, and is interested in exploring the question of what writing means to young people with a group of Year7-8 school students, and with a group of older students, later this week. And this is all alongside writing her own articles on subjects from Nihilism to Romanticism to the poetry of Sylvia Plath to the question of what makes a classic novel.

blimey! ...and after breakfast... ha ha!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Emily will be producing this week... !


  1. The youth of today eh? :) She sounds wonderful.

  2. I know! She'll be keeping me on my toes...! :o)